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Marketing Campaigns and Business Collateral:

Marketing is telling your target audience your story, over and over again. Sounds easy enough, but where to begin? There are numerous options available in the digital age; e-mail marketing, geo-targeted direct mail marketing, blogs, newsletters, social media marketing and print ads to name a few. We can help you decide which methods will most benefit your company.

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Steps to consider:
First: Define your target and decide on a message.
Second: Choose which method(s) will best reach your market.
Third: Determine the duration of your campaign.
Fourth: Once you've reached your target, next you will need to stay in contact, with what is referred to in the industry as drip marketing. Much like a dripping faucet, your campaign will need periodically remind your target of your products or services. Marketing is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

The greatest thing about marketing campaigns in the digital age is the options available. You can keep improving each part of your process until you get the results you desire.

Marketing Campaign Samples:

Louisiana Department of Social Services:

The Task:
The Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS) asked us to develop a marketing campaign to raise awareness of childhood poverty. The Solutions to Poverty (SToP) Movement in Louisiana began as Community Conversations on the issue of poverty around the state, and ended up as a major topic at the Governor’s Summit.

The SToP Movement has three focal points:
1. Community: Empowering groups to identify and utilize local resources effectively; coalition-building in all 64 parishes
2. Policy: Communities work to create initiatives and suggest improvements to programs and to public policy that enhance Louisiana citizens’ quality of life
3. Legislation: Communities work to impact legislation that creates opportunities for Louisiana citizens to move from poverty to self-sufficiency

Logo redeisgn for Department of Social Services

Logo Redesign:

The first step was to update the logo. We were asked to only make modifications to the existing logo. Our goal was to give it a more modern and friendly look.

Department of Socuial Services Website

Website design and e-mail campaign:

The website is the center piece of the campaign. Not only does it provided information about the program, it also provides an index of informational resources and a place to join the movement and sign up for the e-mail campaign.

Solutions To Poverty Brochure Design for the Department of Social Services

Printed Materials:

We also designed an 8 page letter-sized brochure outlining the vision of the program. A trifold brochure was also created which contained a condensed version of the information found in the large brochure. Finally handout cards were created to finish off the printed marketing materials.

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